Frequently Asked Questions

At Spiral Stairs of America, we understand that purchasing a staircase can be a significant decision for homeowners and businesses alike. That's why we've compiled this comprehensive FAQ section to address your most common inquiries, providing you with guidance to ensure your staircase project is a seamless and rewarding experience. Explore our FAQ page to discover the answers you need to embark on your journey with Spiral Stairs of America.

1How many pieces make up a stair?
These are one piece all-welded hand crafted stairs.
2What is the difference between your stair and kit stair?
Our stairs are all-welded which provides greater stability, safety, longevity, and are maintenance free. This is backed up by our lifetime metal fabrication warranty.
3Do all-welded handcrafted stairs take forever to build?
No, you will receive your stairs in the quoted timeline. However, expedited production may be accommodated.
4Can your stairs be installed inside and outside?
Yes, however we strongly recommend certain materials and coatings for exterior stairs.
5Are there limitations to a customer's design?
Limitations are based on building code, generally speaking, your imagination is our limit.
6Do you offer financing options?
Yes, in fact we offer 0% financing options.
7Do you only do spiral stairs?
No, we offer spiral stairs, straight stairs, and curved stairs for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.