Our Success by The Numbers

    Spiral Stairs of America Offers Stairs to Railings

    We design and manufacture custom stairs and rails specifically tailored to your structural, environmental, functional, and aesthetic needs across any residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Our team of expert designers, fabricators, and welders will create your custom stair to accommodate your specific needs to ensure our staircases integrate seamlessly with  your property . We source the highest quality materials to design your unique custom stairs from aluminum, stainless and mild steel, or wood. Every step in our manufacturing process ensures product safety.

    Some of our most popular projects include:

    • Spiral Stairs
    • Curved Stairs
    • Straight Stairs
    • Specialty Stairs / Monumental Sized Stairs
    • Railings
    • Other Misc Metal Work
    • Corporate Lobbies 
    • Observation Platforms
    • Deck to Deck, Outdoor Deck to Deck 
    • Mezzanine, Loft, and Theater Catwalks
    • Basement Access
    • Factories of all Types
    • Docks, Boat Houses, Cottages

    What can you expect from your buying experience?


    • Stage 1Welcome to Spiral Stairs of America

      Speak with a member of our knowledgeable sales team to design a functional stair for your specific needs and aesthetic desires.
    • Stage 2 Get Your Stair Quote

    • Stage 3Technical Stage

      A member of our engineering team will design your stair to specific dimensions consistent with applicable building codes.
    • Stage 4Rendering Stage

      You will be provided a PDF rendering of the drawings.
    • Stage 5Production Stage

      This is where the parts of the stairs are meticulously fabricated to specific measurements.
    • Stage 6 Welding Stage

      This is where the magic begins. Our master welders craft your stairs to the exact specifications as rendered on the drawings.
    • Stage 7 Cleaning & Coating Stage

      Your stair will be cleaned and the coating material of your choice will be applied.
    • Stage 8 Delivery Stage

      Finally, receive your stairs within your quoted timeline.

    Maximize Your Home Property Value and ROI

    Did you know that adding a staircase or upgrading a stair railing is a cost-effective solution that takes minimal effort and can have a significant impact on the resale value of your home?

    In fact, stairs can increase home property values and often provide better ROI than other forms of exterior decoration which can help your home sell faster. 

    High quality designed stairs are a distinguishing feature that adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to your home and offers a unique selling point. Stairs can enhance your home’s curb appeal, safety, and space-saving options. 

    When it comes to aesthetics, staircases offer a visually stimulating detail to any room, are a key architectural element of a property, and can add character to your home. Staircases are a great investment for any homeowner looking to update the look and feel of their home.